About Us

Dear guests
Nice that you decided to enjoy your holiday in Egypt.
Our goal is to offer you 110% unforgettable holiday with a great holiday experience together with us.

What does “Spat-s” mean and why we choose this name?

Spat-s is a German word which mean Sparrow

S = Sea
P = Pyramids and Palms
A = Adventure
T = Trips with fun
S = Sun

Our Approaches

We want you to discover the real Egypt; away from the usual mass tourism!
We at Spat-s Travel offer adventure programs in small private groups and want to give our guests the opportunity to arrange their own excursions on their own. This includes:
1. Cultural Excursions + monuments of Cairo and Luxor
2. Boat trips to discover the underwater world of the Red Sea
3. Desert trips with Quad, Buggy, Camels and a visit to the Bedouins
4. Get to know your holiday destination individually during the city tour

All details and information can be found under Excursions.

Spat-s Team

For a nice, enjoyable and relaxing holiday, Our team at Spat-s Travel
will be gladly at any time for you there.

A different way to travel
    Uta Schröder

    Tour guide

    A different way to travel
    Asmaa Nagaa

    Tour guide

    A different way to travel
      Ashraf Mersal

      Transfer Manager

      A different way to travel
        Mohamed Abdelltif Zika

        Photographer and guide

        We at Spat-s Travel have all licenses and insurance required!